I can’t stand what you do, Lou Reed.

It’s a starry-eyed autumn night, one of those rare moments where life feels rich and full of possibilities, I’m listening to Rural Alberta Advantage by the hissing fire. RAA are a band who for a while now I’ve been absolutely taken with their mix of lonely love songs dashed with if not roaring, at least … Continue reading

sufjan stevens = word hero link

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sufjan stevens = word hero You might not think much would link Sufjan Stevens, Miley Cyrus and William Faulkner, but you’d be wrong. Sufjan Stevens not only makes mind-blowing crazy records that rank amongst the finest things I’ve heard this century, but he also knows a thing or too…

something old, something new

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As I was driving back from the teen club where I work last night (!?) the radio played an old Shirelles song “Will you love me tomorrow” (Bryan Ferry also did an amazing cover of this about 10 years ago too) and then played Erykah Badu “On and on”,…

rocket man

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Today – 16th September – is the day Elton John’s latest record “the diving board” comes out, which at first glance may seem to contradict recent blogs here about the irresistable coolness of Kathleen Hanna and Mark Kozelek, but give me Elton John over Paul McCartney solo albums any…

When NME gets it right….

Back in the swooning glorious ’90’s I’d buy NME every Wednesday, and take it to school, where the token cool indie girl and myself would skip school assemberly and secretly read it together, discovering cool new indie bands and laughing at the always ridicilous behaviour of bigindie stars, like whatever nonsense the guy from Manson … Continue reading